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Growlerator System


Our Flag-Ship Growler System – The best home-serving product on the market.

System includes one paint-ball cylinder regulator, two growlers (available in 2 or 4 liter sizes), two Mini Keg Mate faucet and tap caps, connecting hoses and manifold.

– Fully modular and expandable

– One gas canister connects to up to 5 growlers (gas cylinder not included)

– Refillable gas canister is cheaper and simpler with less waste

– Can be used with nitrogen gas for serving wine or nitro-beer

– Can be used as a wine preservation system


– Optional portable regulator lets you take your brew to go!

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Product Description

The Growlerator was designed for true beer enthusiasts.  If this is you then you know the problems you’ve had with other growler systems.  They are big, awkward to fill, give a lousy inconsistent pour and are hard to transport.  And how annoying are those little CO2 cylinders!

Our system solves all of these problems and more.

The Growlerator is designed to operate from a full sized paintball tank which can feed up to five growlers at a time.  And its pressure stays good for up to nine full growlers.  PLUS IT’S REFILLABLE!  You don’t have to throw away the little canisters each time.  Much better for your time, your wallet and the environment. And it Can be used with nitrogen gas for serving wine or nitro-beer

Our system gives more consistent pressure and our check valve gives just the right restriction for a perfect head of foam each and every time.

When you want to take your beer with you to that special occasion, our check valve pops right off and you can pop the portable CO2 regulator on when arrive at the picnic.


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