First Prototype Created

Fresh Beer after 10 Days


Here you can see the first functioning prototype of the Mini-Keg Mate Tap and Cap on our 2 liter Growler.  Together the make up the mini version of the Growlerator! 

More importantly, that glass of beer with the nice foamy head on it was poured 10 DAYS AFTER THE GROWLER WAS FILLED.

The growler was filled at a local brewery 10 days ago, two glasses of beer were poured out 7 days ago, this glass was poured today.  And it’s just as fresh as day one.

Believe it!  This product is the real deal.  Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with the updates.  We are hoping to have our big launch in a few months!

Would love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment below.

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